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Qurbani Project


BCDA Qurbani Packs 2023

Udhiya/qurbani (sacrifice) is the animal that is slaughtered on the day of Eid-al-Adha and the three days following it (known as the days of tashreek). The sacrifice can be offered from after the conclusion of the Eid prayer and till sunset of the last day of the days of tashreek (4th day of Eid). One wishing to offer the sacrifice may also delegate the slaughtering and distribution of meat to someone else. Typically Sheep or Goats are the most common animals that are sacrificed (one per Adult of a Household who can afford it). Sacrifice of a larger animal such as a Cow, Buffalo, Camel is also acceptable (total seven shares per Cow/Buffalo/Camel).The focus of the Udhiya / Qurbani Program is to share meat with all those poor and needy families who otherwise cannot afford to eat / buy meat on a regular basis and rely on such gifts at Eid time.

BCDA is planning to reach over 500 Internally Displaced House Holds residing in Legetafo, and Gelan towns through its udhiya program and foster sense of hope, belongingness and celebration in the hearts of its beneficiaries.

Backa Community Development Association has been implementing Udhiya Programs for over seven years and distributing fresh halal meat packs for different needy groups of community like orphaned children, widowed women, IDPs, the poor and elderly in Ethiopia. And BCDA takes strict measures to make sure the validity and preconditions of the sacrifices is well observed.

Project Activities

  • Beneficiary Selection
  • Health and Safety Assurance
  • Purchasing
  • Slaughtering
  • Packaging and Branding
  • Distribution

45,760.99 USD
Oromia, Ethiopia
500 IDP and Poverty Stricken Families

What can you do?

  • Donate a Sheep/Goat
  • Sponsor a Family
  • Volunteer with us
  • Raise funds with families, friends and communities
  • Create Awareness